Investment Opportunities in Delaware Beach Real Estate

Real estate investment opportunities include those properties not occupied by the owner that will generate returns through income or an appreciation in value. These may include properties like:

  • Beach vacation rentals and commercial properties
  • Second homes that are not your primary residence
  • Delaware farms and undeveloped land parcels
  • Residential developments
  • Multi family properties like apartment buildings

About real estate investments in Delaware

Delaware is a great place to invest in real estate. There are numerous opportunities at the beach and surrounding rural areas. We’re in a growth area where suburbanites are flocking to retire. Property taxes in Delaware are among the lowest in the nation. Remember there is no sales tax in the state of Delaware. From the ocean view sunrises to the bay front sunsets, the Delaware beaches are the perfect place for you to invest! Opportunities abound at the beach.

Benefits of Investing in Delaware Real Estate:

  • Tax advantages
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential retirement income
  • Long Term Growth
  • Building Wealth

Why you should consult Paul

As a Sussex County native, Paul Townsend has the local contacts, knowledge and experiences in both business and agriculture to help you consider your options in Delaware investment properties. He is more than a REALTOR®; Paul is friendly, trustworthy and shows an unmatched variety of strengths in the real estate realm which he has accumulated through the years. He is active in the market as both a REALTOR® and a participant. He can even help you with 1031 exchanges.